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                                                     UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA (USDA)
                                               THE WORLDS LARGEST SQUARE DANCE ORGANIZATION

The UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA, INC. (USDA) was formed on June 26, 1981, during the National Square Dance Convention held in Seattle, Washington, and has grown to a size that approaches the representation of 250,000 dancers throughout the United States.  USDA is an organization formed by dancers, for dancers, and is under the operational control of dancers.  The purpose of the organization is to:

  • Promote and perpetuate the total Square Dance movement which includes Square, Round, Contra, Clogging, Line and Heritage Dancing.
  • Establish a line of communication from the individual dancer to a recognized unified body so that an expression of varied opinions can establish or       influence policy for making decisions at the national level.
  • Provide for education to further the growth and enjoyment of Square Dancing.
  • Encourage cooperation between member clubs, state associations, councils, federations; national and international organizations; or other groups               involved or interested in the promotion of Square Dancing.
  • Provide a forum for implementing the benefits of membership in the UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA and assist members in any way possible.
  • Represent Square Dancing to the general public as a wholesome, enjoyable family-type recreation.


                                                    International Association of Square Dance Callers.

As an organization of square dance callers, part of our mission is to provide education and guidance to callers.  CALLERLAB

also maintains information (lists, definitions, and other information) on a variety of dance program from Basic through C-3A.

The CALLERLAB Mission Statement is:

                                                         To foster the art of square dance calling, and improve caller skills.

                        Mississippi Square & Round Dance Association 

                    The largest square and round dance resource on the Internet

                     Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.com
   Western Square Dancing- DOSADO.COM is the largest square and round dance resource on the Internet. It's a gateway to all significant resources on the Internet related to square and round dancing.

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A free animations for Square Dance calls. Levels from Mainstream through C-3A. Also includes definitions for every call from Callerlab. There are over 2500 animations covering more than 500 calls. Works with Smart phones, Apple I phone, I pad, Android and any PC or Mac.

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