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Our Mardi Gras in History

Belles and Buoys Square Dancing and Mardi Gras  

       Jack and Naomi Beddingfield were in the second class that Pete Moore taught for the Belles and Buoys in 1961. When they finished the class they knew they were "hooked" on Square Dancing. They knew they had found something which would provide them a lot of enjoyment and many new friends along the way.

       In 1968, the Belles and Buoys needed money to keep the club operating. At a meeting meeting, Jack suggested they have a Mardi Gras Ball. Club members said, You can't have a Mardi Gras and Square Dance." After quit a bit of pro and con discussion about mixing a Mardi Gras Ball with dancing someone said: " Will not work". Jack replied: " Why can't it work? I'll make it work. I'll do it."

       Jack put his ideas on paper and went to work. As we still do today, he chose a King, Queen, booked a hall, got a court from the others square dance clubs in the area, booked a caller Nelson Watkins from Rowell, NM. Advanced ticket were sold for $3.00 per couple and $3.50 at the door per couple.

       The Ball was such a success that the Belles and Buoys still continues with it today. Jack served as a chairman for the ball for five times, enjoying every minute of the time and work putting it on.

       The Belles and Buoys are so thankful that that Jack had the foresight and determination to make the Mardi Gras and Square Dance go together. Today, the Belles and Buoys are the only square dance club in the United States to have a Mardi Gras Ball, complete with King, Queen and their Court, Combined with square dancing.

       Jack danced until the late 1990s when his health made it impossible for him to do what he loved so much. He passed away January 26, 2005. We know he and Pete Moore are here in their 'dancing spirit" at each of our Mardi Gras Balls. Jack saying "it will works"                                                                                                              


Past Royalty 

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" Hee Haw"
King Buoy: Murry Brown
Queen Belle: Elouise Ward
"South of the border" 
King Buoy: Thomas Rodney
Queen Belle: Mildred Dickerson
 "Square Dancing By the Shore" 
 King Buoy: Jerry West
Queen  Belle:  Brenda Chapman
"Midnight  Masquerade"
King Buoy: Tom Moss
Queen Belle: Jane Danielson
Hearts and Flowers"
King Buoy: David  Guiles Queen Belle: Gwendolyn McDonald
  "The Old Southern Tradition"
  King Buoy: Pete Moore
Queen Belle: Vivian Drawdy
"Square Dancing into the New Millennium"
King Buoy: Bert Burril
 Queen Belle: Cathy Carver Yates
"Southern Nights"
King Buoy: Chet Yates
Queen Belle: Carol Beinhauer
" Riverboat "
King Buoys:Norman Yandell
Queen Belle: Juanita Starr
" Frontier Days "
King Buoys: John Collun
Queen Belle JoAnn Penton

"Mardi Gras 2001"
King Buoy: Ron Carver
Queen Belle: Bea Stout
"A Roman Holiday"
King Buoys: Robert Williams
Queen Belle: Barbara Hickman

"Stairway to the Stars"
King Buoy: James McDonald
Queen Belle: Marietta Goacher
"South Seas"
King Buoys: Lewis Drawdy
Queen Belle: Irma Johnson
" Mardi Gras and Magnolias"
King Buoys: George Comstock
Queen Belle:Vennita Manning
"The Fabulous Fifties"
King Buoys:Jim Ownbey
Queen Belle: Voetress Breazeale


King Buoys:Charles Ludlow
Queen Belle: Nell Knott

"Meet mr at the Mardi Gras"
King Buoy: Doyle Grant
Queen Belle:Barbara Kouba

"25th Silver Jubilee"
King Buoy:Robert Manning
Queen Belle:Juanita Glazier
King Buoy: Robert Mixon
Queen Belle:Charlotte Lowery
"The Magic of Las Vegas"
King Buoys: Charles Ward
Queen Belle: June Moore

"Meet me at the Mardi Gras"
King Buoy: Richard Scott
Queen Belle:Carol Gunter
"Jazzi'n up Mardi Gras"
King Buoy: John Ford
Queen Belle: Barbara Comstock
"Under the Stars"
King Buoy: Ron Humphrey
Queen Belle: Laura Rymer
"Stars and Stripes for ever"
King Buoy: Rusty Star
Queen Belle:IrmaHilliard
"Meet me at the Mardi Gras"
King Buoy: Charlie Johnson
Queen Belle: Mary Scott
" Magic at Mardi Gras "
King Buoy: Harold Beinhauer
Queen Belle: Mary Taulbee
"Love is in the air"
King Buoy: Billy Melton
Queen Belle: Bonnie Humphrey
A Square Dance's Dream

King Buoy: Joe Dickson, Jr.
Queen Belle:Lillian Rodney

Square Dancers Return to Mardi Gras
King Buoy: Paul Prine
Queen Belle: Sharon Jarrard

"Crusin' Into Mardi Gras"
King Buoy: HaroldTaulbee
Queen Belle:VoncileFord

"Mardi Gras on the Gulf"
King Buoy: Lloyd Rymer
Queen Belle: Patricia Gilliland Ridge

" A night on the Prairie"
King Buoy: Rod Beecher
Queen Belle: Adela Saucier
"Mardi Gras Rendezvous"
King Buoy: Del Banowetz
Queen Belle: Yvonne Schwartz
"Gold, Glitz & Glam"
King Buoy: Justin Gartman 
Queen Belle: Melinda Stephens
"Echanted Forest"
King Buoy: Tom Baker
Queen Belle Patte Switzer
"Candy Land"
King Buoy: Bob Dixon
Queen Belle: Marian Cooley
"Where Dreams come true"
King Buoy:  ?????
Queen Belle: ?????

 2 0 1 9
"Candy Land"

King Buoy: Robert Dixon

Queen Belle: Marian Cooley
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